Brothers and Sisters Difficult to Get along, Like This How to Overcome it

Why do siblings fight more often and rarely get along? Some just make them scramble or spark debate. Father and Mother until confused how to make them able to play together without fighting. Relax, actually there is a simple reason to understand the relationship and how to overcome it. The relationship of siblings is very important, because it is very influential on the growth of the child's personality. Especially if they spend all day together, because both parents work. Various Possible Causes Siblings can be closest friends, but they can also be the opposite. The relationship between siblings is actually not as simple as it seems. This relationship can be influenced by many things such as life events, genetic factors, the treatment of parents, or experiences outside the family. These sibling relationships can be increasingly complex in twins, or if one child has special needs. In addition, these relationships can also get worse if they are often compared. For example, wh
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